Shurik, 15 months old

Velikij Shurik (white & red male)
Born: 15/5 2016

F: C.I.B. NO SE DK DE-VDH DE CH, GW-2014 Velikij Pravda
CIB SE DK NO DE-VDH CH Velikij Ninotschka


Lives with Matilda & Moa in Gothenburg, Sweden

This loveley boy has only one testis, so he is looking for a loving no-show-home.... But from next year he is (in Sweden!) allowed to compete for obediance championship - and he actually has talent for that (= for some one looking for a challenge ;-)).










Shurik, 4 weeks old

Shurik, almost 5 months old

Shurik, almost 5months old, moving

Shurik, 4 months old

Shurik, 10 weeks old

Shurik, 7 weeks old

Shurik, 4 weeks old