Pinega, almost 15 months old

Nord Jun-W 2013
Velikij Pinega

(1CAC, 1R-CAC)

Born: 2013-03-14 2016-09-04

F: NO CH Deljnuj Radyznuj av Adelrose
CIB SE DK FIN DE-VDH CH Velikij Laryssa


Owner: Katri Ruokonen, Finland

So tragically unlucky and unlikely: a week after delivering one living and beautiful male puppy, little Ilja, she dies due to head trauma - let out on the backside for an evening pee in the dark and not returning when called.
She got a complete autopsy and today I also had a second specialist opinion on it.
It is SOO tragic, but at least her death is no cause to worry about little Ilja's health.
Warm condelances to owner Katri.

Pinega with her single beautiful son Ilja

Pinega, at her first "real" show, winning R-CAC and the title Nordic Junior Winner 2013

Pinega, 8 weeks old