Moved to Tine & family in Germnay (almost 2 years old here)

Velikij Negosh

Born: 24/8 2009 – 2013-01-20
INT NO SE DK DE-VDH DE CH Velikij Kirgei
INT SE DK DE-VDH CH KBHV-07 Archangelica Ivanova av Adelrose
Owner: Martina Aulike

Sadly lost much to young and unfortunately without postmortem examination done. Seemingly some kind of Thyorid disorder - but what caused the disorder from the beginning and what caused the explosive development the last weeks, will remain a mystery.


Negosh, 1 year old in Gelsenkirchen and rain :-)

First picture from Germany: After a long night's travel, day-sleeping with his new "mother" Tine