(6 months +)

Velikij Lysek

Born: 12/11 2006 –  11/5 2014
F: SUCH Japejukan Kommando
M: KBHV-06, N & DK CH
Velikij Jirina
Owner: Helmut Kern, Argenschwang / Germany





Sweetest darling Lysek died, 7.5 years old, due to liver cancer. He won a big place in his owner's heart and is terribly missed and deeply mourned by Helmut. We are grateful for the life he had and wish that in due time Helmut will remember mostly the good days with him.

Lysek moving, 6 months old

Helmut and Lysek in the car at the garden gate, ready to guide me downhills to a road I recognize, on my way back home.