Cecilia H's website for presenting artistic experiments with the relation between colour and shape.

The purpose with this site is to share knowledge through personal experience. The phenomena presented here are specifically spatial and really impossible to make available in picture, so the idea is to here share do-it- your-self-material, and describe the design, so that anyone else can repeat these experiments.

NB: Copyright to all pictures and presented designs at this site belongs to Cecilia Häggström.
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Exhibition and lectures at (prev.) "Teater Boudoir Intim" - Falkenbergs Konstnärs- och Intresseförening, Falkenberg (19-24/11 2010)
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LEFT: (a) neutral un-painted relief, thereafter the identical shape painted to produce b) counter- & co-shading, c) disruption and d) constructive shading

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Art Exhibition 23 April ­ 10th May 2009 at Art Now Gallery
in Gothenburg
Presenting reliefs produced in an artistic development work, financed by the Faculty of Fine Arts at Gothenburgh University 2008-2009. Three specifically shape-related camouflage concepts can be used to describe the illusory effects on the visual shape of identically shaped relieves.


Visual Distinction between Colour and Shape
­ a functional explanation applying camouflage concepts in analysis of colourdesign effects on experimental relieves

by: Cecilia Häggström

This is a simplified and richly illustrated brief of a peer-reviewed paper presented at AIC conference in Sydney 2009,


 Print-cut-and-fold-relief: "Pyramidized cube-relief"
(print in grey-scale)

Previously presented: "The Shaping Properties of Colour" in Colour and Psychology. Proceedings from AIC Interim Meeting in Gothenburgh 1996. (1997) ed. Lars Sivik.

This relief gives an empirical demonstration of the visual phenomena when colours of light and shadow are freed from their shape-defining function, and therfore gain in saturation, when vision is manipulated so that they appear as surface colours.


 "Colour-clock relief"

This relief gives an empirical demonstration of the visual phenomena when surface colour reflections dilute opposite colours and contrast pattern effects influence the dominant colour impression ­ from yellowish to reddish to bluish to greenish and back to yellowish (and all the colour-ish in between).


Print-and-view pattern: "Rainbow-floor" (print in colour)

Exhibted in Gothenburg at:

"Visuali" / Galleri Grad 1990 (separate exhib.)

"Kaleidoskop" / Galleri Ångköket, Konstepidemin 1990
(with B Forsman & A Lanmark)

This pattern gives an empirical demonstration of the visual phenomenon when the main colour impression is produced, partly, by kinship between hues allowing seeing a simpler organisation. The phenomenon is clearly also depending on our seeing of visual depth, but I cannot explain how/why. Feel free to suggest a reason!


Cecilia Häggström, MFA / Design, Ph D / Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics - Architecture.
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