Colour-Clock Relief

Design: Cecilia Häggström

(50 Euro including cost for sending)

This relief gives an empirical demonstration of the visual phenomenon when shadow and light, depending on the direction of light, enhance some colours and tone down their oppsites and thus create a specific main colur impression. Reflections from illuminated planes contribute to the moderation of opposite colours.

Below: the same relief turned, in relation to the direction of light, five times - each time 72 degrees.

Basic pattern design: each side is painted according to its direction in a hue corresponding to that of the colour circle.

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BELOW: The colourclock as it appears when turned in different directions in relation to the light
YOUTUBE-VIDEOCUT: showing its appearence while the direction of light is changing





Cecilia Häggström, MFA / Design, Ph D / Basic Design - Architecture
e-mail: velikij [at]