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Wellcome to Kennel Velikij's homepage!

Kennel Velikij is a small-scale kennel, located in Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden. All my dogs are family members live together with me in the house. We live in a city villa in Gothenburg with today six adult Borzois, five from the kennel's own breeding: Ninotschka, Orina, Pravda, Petrova and Qazimir. Caica - daughter of V.Josjka - comes from kennel Adelrose in Norway.

CH V Pravda
CH V Petrova

CH V Qazimir

I started with breeding because I felt this is a lovely and incredibly beautiful breed of dog which I gladly would like to help more people to have in their life. To me Borzoi is an aesthetic revelation ­ each and every morning ! ­ but most of all a perfectly delightful and enchanting companion dog.

The goal for my breeding is not to produce a few superstars, but to get even litters with correct, sound, beautiful and first of all pleasant Borzois. I wish that all my puppies shall be apt for show and coursing as well as for a pure pet dog life. Therefor I choose parents and race my litters with a lot of care ­ and not so often. I begin to train my puppies already when they begin to eat (ordinary food), according to a simple but functioning plan, to give puppies as well as owners the best possible start in their new homes. Early training with human handling, adult dogs and city environments help them to develop into puppies that normally fit smothly into their new homes. It means a lot of work, but in my opinion it is worth it: it gives a win-win-stuation for all involved: to the puppy, to the puppy-buyer, and therefor also to me as a breeder :-).

Here you can learn more abot the puppies life with us.

(Look at a "Litter-survey" in pictures here)

If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact me, so we can learn to know each other!

Cecilia Häggström
Tabergsstigen 3


2nd Best Breeder's Group on World Winner Show in Dortmund 1st of July 2003